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The Starter

The Starter

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Kickstart Your Commercial Dog Park with 'The Starter' - Three Essential Agility Tools

Introducing "The Starter" – the perfect trio to initiate an engaging and interactive dog park experience. Designed to cater to canines of varying abilities and sizes, this bundle ensures that every dog finds an activity that excites and challenges them. Crafted for durability and fun, these pieces not only enhance agility but also act as perfect socializing spots.

Included in The Starter:

  • Tunnel Run: Elevate the fun as dogs gleefully dash through, experiencing the thrill of the chase and the joy of exploration.

  • Starter Platform: A dual-purpose tool! Let dogs get acquainted with elevated surfaces or give them a pedestal for those adorable park moments. Don't forget the bone-shaped drain holes for that extra touch!

  • Hoop Jump: Featuring two height options and a playful bone design, this is where dogs can showcase their jumping prowess, catering to both novice and expert jumpers.

Minimum Recommended Park Size: 25′ x 25

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