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The Pup

The Pup

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Introducing 'The Pup' - The Ultimate Quadruple Delight for Every Dog Park!

Step up your dog park game with "The Pup," an all-inclusive kit tailored to entertain, challenge, and thrill every canine visitor. Handpicked for their popularity and functionality, these four pieces create an atmosphere brimming with playful energy and excitement. Every fixture is not only built to last but is also designed to enhance a dog's agility, confidence, and fun.

Included in The Pup:

  • Tug Around: A spinning adventure awaits as dogs engage in their favorite game of tug of war. Two ropes, endless rotation, endless fun.

  • Tunnel Run: Dive into the thrill! Dogs can't resist the allure of dashing through this off-the-ground tunnel, making every run memorable.

  • Starter Platform: Whether it's introducing them to elevated challenges or providing a grooming spot, this platform, adorned with bone-shaped drain holes, is the go-to.

  • Hoop Jump: A versatile jumper that accommodates the leap of both the timid beginner and the seasoned pro, accentuated with a delightful bone design.


Minimum Recommended Park Size: 30′ x 30′

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