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The Legend

The Legend

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"The Legend" Bundle – Conquer the Outdoors with Ultimate Fitness Versatility!

Introducing "The Legend" bundle, where boundaries blur between fitness and legend-making. A carefully chosen selection for the passionate, the dedicated, and those who dream big and sweat bigger. Unleash the full potential of outdoor training with this comprehensive ensemble.

🔥 Unparalleled Equipment Lineup:

  1. Double Leg Press: Lay a solid foundation with robust lower body training.
  2. Single Ski Runner: Slide into a cardio session that mirrors the thrill of alpine skiing.
  3. Single Sky Runner: Elevate your jumps and cardio routine, redefining sky's the limit.
  4. Triple Horizontal Bar: Flexibility in pull-ups and upper body strength, multiplied by three.
  5. Triple Body Twister: Add a spin to your routine, engaging core and flexibility.
  6. Double Dip Station: Dual spots for crafting impeccable arms and chest strength.
  7. Double Pendulum Swing: Sway and engage, from hip flexors to balance.
  8. Single Rower: Simulate the rush of rowing, targeting the back, arms, and core.
  9. Chest Press / Lat Pulldown: Define and refine with dual-action upper body brilliance.
  10. Step Up Station: Cardio and leg strength in rhythmic ascents.
  11. Single Sit-Up Bench: Core days get a fresh perspective under the vast sky.
  12. Double Shoulder Rotator: Round off with rotational exercises that bolster shoulders and improve flexibility.

For the fitness enthusiast who settles for nothing but the best, "The Legend" bundle is your all-access pass to an unparalleled outdoor training odyssey.


Suggested Use Zone: 35′ x 45′


Color: Gray and Black

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