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The Hound

The Hound

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Unleash Playful Adventures with 'The Hound' – Your Six-Piece Canine Paradise!

Meet "The Hound", the ultimate bundle that seamlessly blends fun, challenge, and interaction. Designed for the modern dog park, this six-piece collection encapsulates diverse activities catering to each dog's unique spirit of adventure. Whether it's mastering new heights, diving into tunnels, or partaking in playful tugs, "The Hound" ensures every visit is filled with joyous tales of exploration. Experience a playground where dogs not only play but thrive.

Included in The Hound Kit:

  • Ramp and Steps: A beautifully designed combination of an arched ramp and stepping stones, offering dual challenges that cater to both climbers and explorers.

  • Tunnel Run: A delightful escape into mystery, watch as dogs dart with glee, emerging ready for the next playful hurdle.

  • Tug Around: Re-define interactive play! This feature boasts ropes that swirl and twirl, igniting playful duels and merry go-round fun.

  • Starter Platform: The perfect beginning or breather spot. An elevated platform where dogs can stand, lay, or be groomed, ensuring they’re always at the heart of the action.

  • Hoop Jump: Jumpstart the fun! Whether leaping through with elegance or challenging agility limits, it promises endless aerial adventures.

  • Stepping Cluster: Leap, bound, and hop! A series of platforms that beckon dogs to a rhythmic dance of confident jumps and playful hops.


Minimum Recommended Park Size: 35′ x 35′

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