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The Essentials

The Essentials

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Introducing The Essentials: The Four Must-Have Dog Park Staples!

Equip your dog park with "The Essentials" - a thoughtfully bundled kit designed to provide the utmost convenience and functionality. From giving visitors a spot to rest to keeping the park clean and organized, this bundle ensures a top-notch experience for both dogs and their owners. Upgrade your space with these indispensable commercial-grade amenities.

Included in The Essentials:

  • Leash Post: Give visitors an organized space to hang their leashes as they let their dogs run free.

  • Trash Receptacle: Ensure a clean and litter-free environment. Ideal for visitors to dispose of drink bottles, snack wrappers, and more.

  • 6′ Bench: A sturdy and versatile seating option, allowing guests to relax and socialize while watching their furry friends play.

  • Pet Waste Station: Promote cleanliness and responsibility. Comes with a bag dispenser, a high-visibility sign, and a trash can, ensuring no pet waste is left behind.

Recommended Park Size: 15′ x 25'

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