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The Dingo

The Dingo

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Discover 'The Dingo': A Quintessential Five-Piece Adventure for Every Energetic Pooch!

Introducing "The Dingo" bundle – the answer to every dog's adventure dream! This five-piece collection is expertly curated to inject fun, challenge, and dynamic interaction into your dog park. Every component promises not only a test of agility but also endless hours of joy. Crafted with precision, each piece in "The Dingo" set is designed to cater to the inherent playful nature of dogs, ensuring they have the ultimate playground experience every time they visit.

Included in The Dingo Kit:

  • Tunnel Run: Dive into thrill and mystery as dogs dart through this elevated tunnel, emerging on the other side, ready for the next challenge.

  • Ramp and Steps: A dual approach obstacle that serves both climbers and ascenders. Whether taking the step-by-step route or the arched ramp, it's about the journey and the destination.

  • Stepping Cluster: A sequential series of platforms encouraging leaps of faith and confidence as dogs hop from one level to the next.

  • Adjustable Jump: A versatile jumping challenge, customizable to fit the prowess of every dog, ensuring progression and mastery.

  • Tug Around: The epitome of interactive fun! With ropes that turn as they're tugged, it’s not just a game of strength, but also a delightful dance of playfulness.


Minimum Recommended Park Size: 35′ x 35′

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