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The Bow Wow

The Bow Wow

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Dive into 'The Bow Wow' - A 6-Piece Extravaganza for Every Dog's Delight!

Discover the magic of "The Bow Wow", a holistic bundle designed to weave tales of adventure, fun, and camaraderie at every dog park corner. From racing through tunnels to soaring in jubilant leaps, this six-piece kit ensures that every pup finds their favorite spot. And, for pet owners, we've ensured a clean and responsible playtime with a dedicated Pet Waste Station. With "Bow Wow", you're not just creating a play area; you're crafting a vibrant canine community.

Included in The Bow Wow Kit:

  • Tug Around: The center of glee and playful duels. Two ropes, endless swirling and tugging, making each playtime a merry festivity.

  • Tunnel Run: Let their excitement echo through this playful passage, as they dart in and out, ready for the next adventure.

  • Hoop Jump: Add a dash of aerial flair! Whether it's a rookie jump or a seasoned leap, this is where fun takes flight.

  • Canine Condo: A cozy nook for when they need a breather. An inviting space for relaxation or watching the world go by.

  • Adjustable Jump: Tailored challenges for every pup! Set the bar to suit every size and watch them conquer heights with joy.

  • Pet Waste Station: A responsible touch to playtime. Making cleanliness a breeze, ensuring every pet and owner can enjoy a hygienic experience.


Minimum Recommended Park Size: 40′ x 40′

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