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The Bone Yard

The Bone Yard

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Introducing 'The Bone Yard' - Where Every Tail Wags in Adventure!

Experience "The Bone Yard", the ultimate ensemble tailored for the modern dog park, merging thrill with relaxation. This seven-piece collection promises an arena where every wag, jump, and pause paints a picture of joy. Whether it's the exhilarating rush of the Teeter Totter, the serene moments on the "Me and My Pal" Bench, or the cozy retreat in the Canine Condo, "The Bone Yard" promises an unforgettable chapter in every dog's life.

Inside The Bone Yard Kit, You'll Find:

  • Teeter Totter: A seesaw of pure joy! Let them balance, play, and feel that exhilarating drop.

  • Tunnel Run: An echo of giggles and barks! Dive in, race through, and emerge with tales of underground escapades.

  • Adventure Peak: Where every climb narrates a story of courage and curiosity.

  • Starter Platform: The perfect spot to start their journey, observe the park's vibes, or simply bask in the sun.

  • Me and My Pal Bench: More than just seating. A space where bonds strengthen and memories are crafted.

  • Hoop Jump: Soar, leap, and fly! Every jump is a testament to their boundless spirit.

  • Canine Condo: A homely retreat after adventures galore. Cozy, shaded, and the perfect spot for a little R&R.


Minimum Recommended Park Size: 45′ x 45′

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