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The Beginner

The Beginner

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"The Beginner" Bundle – Launch Your Outdoor Fitness Adventure with Confidence!

Embark on a transformative journey with "The Beginner" bundle. Curated with budding fitness enthusiasts in mind, this set offers a taste of diverse exercises while ensuring a user-friendly experience. Let the outdoors become your motivating backdrop as you set new milestones.

🔥 Essential Equipment Inclusions:

  1. Double Leg Press: A fantastic starting point, targeting your quads and hamstrings with each press.
  2. Double Dip Station: Strengthen those triceps and chest muscles, with twin stations for friendly challenges or tandem workouts.
  3. Single Sit-Up Bench: Dive into core strengthening under the open sky, making every crunch count.
  4. Single Sky Runner: Add a touch of excitement! Jump, bound, and boost your leg and cardio game in one innovative equipment.

If you're looking to dive into the world of outdoor fitness, "The Beginner" bundle is your trusted companion. It provides a balanced mix of strength and cardio exercises, all set to the tune of nature.


Suggested Use Zone: 20′ x 20′


Color: Gray and Black

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