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Spring Rider - Frog

Spring Rider - Frog

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Frog Spring Rider - Leap Into Fun!

Child Capacity: 1

Age: 2 to 12

Safety Use Zone: 16ft x 16ft

Product Overview: Hop into a world of joy with our Frog Spring Rider! Designed to captivate young minds, this delightful amphibian ensures that every trip to the playground is filled with bouts of laughter, boundless energy, and heartwarming memories.

Key Features:

  • Whimsical Design: The Frog Spring Rider, with its lively and charming facade, is an instant hit among children, beckoning them to embark on a fun-filled journey.

  • Robust Build: Engineered for the playful antics of Preschool to 5th-grade kids, our Frog Spring Rider stands out with its commitment to durability and safety.

  • Engaging Motion: The rhythmic bounce-back motion not only entertains the young ones but also aids in their physical development, promoting balance and coordination.

  • Compact Yet Characterful: While the Frog Spring Rider consumes little playground real estate, it adds immeasurable character and vibrancy to your space.

Benefits for Educators:

  • Wholesome Growth: The rider's dynamic motion boosts motor skills while the fun-filled context nurtures imaginative play among children.

  • Hassle-free Addition: Seamlessly integrating with any playground theme, our Frog Spring Rider is as simple to set up as it is delightful to behold.

  • Safety First: Prioritizing child safety, the Frog Spring Rider complies with rigorous safety benchmarks.

Perfect for: Preschools, Kindergartens, Elementary Schools, Childcare Centers, and Play Areas.

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