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The Happy Doggo

The Happy Doggo

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Introducing 'Happy Doggo': The Ultimate Seven-Piece Collection for Every Dog Park!

Step into a new realm of dog park excellence with the "Happy Doggo" bundle. This seven-piece ensemble is the perfect combination of entertainment and relaxation, ensuring an unmatched experience for all. With meticulously crafted designs that promise durability and style, every corner of your dog park will buzz with excitement and contentment. Whether it's a lively agility challenge or a peaceful rest spot, "Happy Doggo" offers the perfect mix for dogs and their owners alike.

Included in the Happy Doggo Kit:

  • Stepping Riser: Challenge agility and balance as dogs ascend and descend, gaining confidence with each move.

  • Hoop Jump: With its iconic bone design, this piece caters to various skill levels, inviting dogs to leap with joy.

  • Adjustable Jump: Flexibility at its finest, this jump can be tailored to suit the unique abilities of every dog, making progression a breeze.

  • Teeter Totter: A classic favorite, this balancing act brings joy and challenge, as dogs navigate the ups and downs with glee.

  • Starter Platform: Featuring distinctive bone-shaped drain holes, this platform serves as both a beginner's challenge and a popular grooming spot.

  • 6-foot Bench: Elegantly designed, this bench offers the ideal resting space, not just within the park, but anywhere in your vicinity.


Minimum Recommended Park Size: 15′ x 25′

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