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Campfire Ring with Single Level Cooking Grate - 32"

Campfire Ring with Single Level Cooking Grate - 32"

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Introducing our 32" Commercial-Grade Campfire Ring with single level cooking grate, a robust, economical solution for those who occasionally enjoy cooking over an open fire. Constructed from heavy-duty 3/16" thick steel with a 1" wide flange, this campfire ring is designed to resist heat warpage and eliminate sharp edges, ensuring durability and safety. It features draft holes for efficient ventilation, enhancing the fire management experience.

This model includes a 290 sq. inch single-level cooking grate, securely hinged to the campfire ring for convenience and permanence. The 32” OD ring offers a 30” inside diameter and comes in three side heights: 7-3/8”, 9”, and 11-3/8”, accommodating various fire sizes and needs. Equipped with tip-back anchor pins for stability and ease of cleaning, this campfire ring is built to remain secure and accessible.

The cooking grate boasts adjustment handles made from 3/4" dia. steel, positioned outside the fire ring for safety. With 5/8" dia. steel perimeter bars, 1/2" dia. steel grate bars, and hinges crafted from 5/8" dia. steel bar, all welded for added strength, this campfire ring is ideal for parks, community spaces, and any outdoor area requiring a dependable, low-maintenance fire ring with cooking capability.

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