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Campfire Ring with Single Level Cooking Grate - 26"

Campfire Ring with Single Level Cooking Grate - 26"

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Maximize your outdoor experience with our commercial grade Flanged Campfire Ring, merging efficient cooking and fire management in one economical design. Crafted from durable 3/16" thick steel with a 1" wide flange, this ring stands up to heat and prevents warping, ensuring longevity. The 290 sq. inch cooking grate, hinged for convenience, offers ample space for cooking with ease.

Featuring a 24” diameter and a 7-3/8” height, this campfire ring is designed for versatility and safety in outdoor settings. Equipped with draft holes for improved airflow and tip-back anchor pins for stability, it guarantees a secure and user-friendly experience. The grate's adjustment handles and robust construction make it a reliable choice for casual outdoor cooking.

Ideal for those who enjoy the ambiance of a campfire with occasional cooking, this product combines practicality with durability. Including anchored installation for permanence and ease of cleaning, our campfire ring is perfect for backyards, campsites, and outdoor venues seeking a straightforward, high-quality fire ring solution.

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